Anti Ragging

“Any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any other student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear of apprehension thereof in fresher’s or junior students or asking the students to do any act or perform something which such students will not do in the ordinary course and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student.”

The punishment may include expulsion from the University, suspension from the University or classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology. The punishment may also take the shape of (i) withholding scholarships or other benefits (ii) suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess and the like. If the individuals committing or abetting ragging are not/cannot be identified, collective punishment can be awarded to act as a deterrent.

  • Ragging is Unsocial, Illegal and Punishable.
  • Ragging in any form at any place in the Campus or outside is strictly prohibited.
  • Any student found indulging in an act of ragging will meet strict disciplinary action as explained above.
Following will also amount to an act of ragging
  • to address seniors as ‘Sir’.
  • to perform mass drills.
  • to copy class notes for the seniors.
  • to serve various errands.
  • to do menial jobs for the seniors.
  • to ask/answer vulgar questions.
  • to look at pornographic pictures to shock the fresher’s out of their innocence.
  • to force to drink alcohol, scalding tea, smoking, etc.
  • to force to do acts which can lead to physical injury/mental torture or death.
  • to force to do acts with sexual overtones, including homosexual acts.
  • to strip, kiss, etc.
  • to do other obscenities.

As our college campus is moving into glorious ninth year, there would be influx of students in all the institutes

Supreme Court and other affiliating bodies like University, AICTE, UGC have also taken very seriously this issue and the onus lies on the concerned college/campus.

A publicized case of ragging can also seriously damage our brand image and bring notoriety to our group of colleges and seriously affect the intake of students.

There shall be one anti-ragging cell constituted by the resolution and order of the society. Every college shall nominate one see senior faculty member to the anti-ragging cell.
It shall be headed by one nominated Principal of the college. The cell shall constitute of members not less than 04 in number. As we have off-campus hostels too, respective wardens /chief warden must be e constituent of the cell to check the ragging incidents in the Hostels. Another important member of the cell is faculty that travels in the campus transport, to check on ragging incidents in the transport.

The composition of the cell shall be as under:

1. Chairman
2. VICE-Chairman
3. Faculty
4. Wardens
5. Security Officer
6. Admin Representative

; Principal
; Senior Faculty/HOD

At the commencement of session a C & A campaign has to be initiated. It shall comprise of the following:

  • Each college Principal would be ensuring that senior students are counseled on the social menace of ragging.
  • The Principal and senior faculty must take individual sessions with group of students and made aware of the zero tolerance policy of the management.
  • The students are to be also told of the legal & statutory complications of being convicted of ragging.
  • An ice-breaker programme in the form of introduction of the juniors to the seniors in the presence of faculty members may be the only interaction that may be allowed.

There would be publicly displayed the telephone contact numbers of ant-ragging cell at all prominent places in the campus for students to lodge their grievances.
It would be also displayed at all Hostels, and college transport.
Anti-ragging cell shall also interact in random with new students and seek their response time to time.

A junior student, who has been subjected to this evil, would be required to submit his/her complaint in writing to the anti-ragging cell elaborating the incident with time / place and nature of incident.

On basis of the written grievance the cell shall call for facts and submit its report/findings and punitive action not later than 24 hours from receiving the complaint. In conforming to ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY, the punishment for guilty students would in line with those as directed by AICTE & Hon`ble Supreme Court.

Proper record, minutes of the meeting of e cell and findings shall all be recorded in black and white.

Samples of the posters

The above posters shall have the name and contact no’s of the anti-ragging cell. They shall be wall mounted and fixed at prominent places, including the college transport.

Our prospectuses shall carry an undertaking to be filled by the students and also parents that if convicted of this evil act the Authorities to take Suitable action against the student.

Such undertaking to be also submitted by present students too.

(This is conforming to AICTE guidelines)

Even our website shall carry the message, along with the list/contact no’s of the ANTI-RAGGING CELL, and one format of the undertaking to be submitted by the students and parents.

Download Format File

Time Frame

The above has to be accomplished well before the session starts.
Preferably ASAP, so that the present students are counseled well in time and even our promotional and marketing literature carries and demonstrate our seriousness on this evil issue.

NOTE: As per reports in print media and other sources, UGC in alliance with other regulating agencies are framing more stringent regulations for all academic institutions.

This white paper should be out by Mid-April-2009. So we may do the needful at present and then later comply to the guidelines as and when they are issued.

S.No Guidelines Measure Adopted by ICL
1 Incorporation of Anti-Ragging Regulations framed by UGC in Instruction Booklet ICL in its Student Bulletin 2014-15 has incorporated these under section 27 under the title “UGC regulation on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, as adopted by University of kurukshetra.
2 Online Anti-Ragging Affidavits
  • Affidavits of all the fresher’s in the prescribed format are being received
  •  Affidavits of parents/ guardian from all the fresher’s on the prescribed format has been received.
3 Anti-Ragging Committee ICL Anti Ragging Committee comprising 10  Faculty / Staff Members  from Institutes along with 10 members from Gram Panchayat, NGO, Media, Parents, Students, and of ICL.ICL Anti Ragging Committee meet is scheduled on 16th August 2016 on Anti-Ragging Measures adopted by ICL. The meeting would be attended by  all stake holders from Institute, Media, Students etc  .

The objective is to underscore and emphasize the requirement of implementing AR measures as per the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court and guidelines of UGC.
4 Anti-Ragging Squad Constituted, comprising of 10 Faculty and Staff Members of ICL. The squad was strengthened with the support of special Alliance Security Personnel’s (6) deployed to work in dedicated manner for Anti-Ragging measures. This was in addition to the general security on campus.On Campus ARS Vigilance responsibility was assigned to each member of ARS. They were made the in-charge of their respective areas.Guidelines SOP for carrying out ARS duties were circulated to all members of ARS.
5 Anti-Ragging Helpline Cards Telephone no. of all the members of Anti-Ragging Committee & Anti Ragging Squad along with an E Mail ID have been printed and distributed amongst the First Year students & posted on notice board in campus and in other private hostels. Students can contact any member of the ARC & ARS or mail their complaint directly to the DSA in case of problem.
6 Bulk SMS Bulk SMS will be sent to all the senior Students and their parents on 20th, 28th July & 1st August 2016, cautioning the students to refrain from indulging in Ragging as it attracts serious penalties and the same was sent to their parents requesting them to advise their wards not to indulge into ragging.
7 Awareness/ Display of Laws and Effects of Ragging Notices/ Anti Ragging Poster were put up on all notice boards, corridors and the stair cases not only on the campus but also on both on-campus and off-campus (contracted and private) hostels.This year we have made stickers having different slogans on ragging/ substance abuse and prevention of RTA. These stickers were displayed on all the prominent locations. They were readable from a distance.
8 Inductions & Orientations
    • Each batch of fresher’s has been divided (on the basis of their stream and course) and a member of the faculty has been assigned as the Course Coordinator.
    • During induction & orientation by DSA team all the fresher’s have been informed about the measures university has adopted to prevent Ragging both on campus and off-campus.
    • A joint mutual introduction session was carried out amongst fresher’s and their immediate seniors in presence of respective Course Coordinators and College Proctors. This will cover the formal introduction of fresher’s with the senior students and vice versa.
9 Hostels
  • The security at the On-Campus boy’s hostel has been augmented and care has been taken that the fresher’s and seniors are housed in separate blocks. Similar instructions have been given to the off campus (private) hostels.
  • A list of privately run hostels (GIRLS & BOYS) where ever ICL students are residing has been prepared, wherein contact details of wardens/ owners have been incorporated. The same was handed over to respective police station.
  • Affidavits  from all the Hostel owners (private hostels) were asked for
  • Meetings of all the off campus (private hostels) will be held on 5th August 2016 and they were made aware of the UGC regulations on Anti-Ragging measures to be adopted.
  • Surprise checks during the late hours was conducted by the Anti- Ragging  Squad .
10 Undertaking from the Service providers, canteen staff and Food Court Staff Around 150 people working as service providers at different locations of the University we have got 109 undertakings from them and the process is on.Cautioned the service providers, canteen staff and Food Court people, and sought their support for keeping the campus ragging free.
11 Undertaking from ICL Faculty & Staff All the Faculty & Staff will sign the undertaking that they will unitedly support for the cause of making campus ragging free.
12 Obtaining All Ok report from the hostel owners by exception All the hostel owners will be sensitized that on daily basis either by mail or through SMS they must send an ALL OK report of their respective hostel.